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New AIPNA Initiative

AIPNA has undertaken initiative to provide some grant funding for deserving Indian colleagues to visit USA. The purpose is to help our colleagues build awareness and infrastructures in India.

AIPNA Grant Funding Policy For Indian Pathologists

Objective: To provide complete/ partial funding to a pathologist from India in an effort to support transfer of knowledge/ technology with a goal to promote quality and excellence in the field of pathology through improved interactions. Any financial grant award from AIPNA should meet two criteria:
1. Positive impact on the practice of pathology in India
2. Fairness
#1, AIPNA will not spend more than 5% of its reserves in any calendar year.
This can be waived should there be dedicated donations to AIPNA for a specific grant request.
#2, An Application should be sent to the President who will share this information with the Executive committee.
This grant application requires following components:
1. A short application from the pathologist or another pathologist who recommends them.
2. Short biodata of the person seeking grant funds,
3. The purpose for the grant,
4. How these AIPNA funds will help practice of pathology in India.
A select committee or AIPNA executive body will vote on the applications.
For donations: AIPNA is a nonprofit organization. Any support to help this initiative is welcome. For donations the funds can be sent to the Treasurer. Dr. Rajal Shah MD.