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AIPNA Achievements

The association of Indian pathologists in North America (AIPNA) was established in 1995. The goals were knowledge transfer to India, standardization of laboratory services in India and networking with pathologists working in India. A visiting pathology fellowship was also instituted.

Knowledge Transfer to India

The main goal of "knowledge transfer" to India has been the greatest achievement of AIPNA with regular and at least three CME conferences held in India every year. These CMEs have been held continuously for the last 13 years. The CME activities held by Indian institutions depend on AIPNA for support as faculty which makes their CME courses a great success with 300-500+ attendees at every meeting and also attract attendees from neighboring countries.

CME Committee Reports:

Included in the Newsletter.

CAP laboratory inspection program in India

Many labs in India have obtained CAP accreditation.