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An initiative to form an association of Indian Pathologists in North America (AIPNA) was made at the USCAP meeting in Toronto in March, 1995. A call for membership was issued in May of 1995. The first general body meeting was held in March 1996.

The organization will provide a forum for Pathologists of Indian origin to meet and interact. Local issues pertaining to practicing in the U.S & Canada will be discussed. At major conferences such as the USCAP (United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology), ASCP (Association of Clinical Pathologists), the society will conduct a business meeting and organize a dinner for the members. One of the goal of the organization will be to host continuing education courses in Pathology in India. Supporting book libraries, slide seminar workshops, and providing laboratory equipment will be some of the projects for the future.

An annual membership fee is set at US $50. Membership for Residents and fellows is free. Life membership is $500. The organization will provide an invaluable opportunity for young pathologists to get to know the more established members of the society.

A Pathology Visiting Fellowship Program (PVPP) has been initiated. Donations for a fellowship fund are also being solicited. These funds will sponsor a India based pathologist for exposure to advanced technologies in the U.S.