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Historical Perspective

Notes from Megha Joshi, MD:

Megha Joshi completed her MD in Pathology in Mumbai, India in 1985, and immigrated to the States in 1986. She completed her residency in Boston at New England Deaconess, Harvard Medical School and was impressed by the cutting edge medicine practiced in the US. Knowing first hand the situation in India, she wished to bridge the gap and visited India every year giving talks at her alma mater in India and sharing the excitement of medicine with her Pathology friends back home. A year out of residency and in her first job (1995), she founded a non-profit organization AIPNA (Association of Indian Pathologists in North America) to improve Pathology services in India. A call for membership was issued in May of 1995. The first general body meeting was held in March 1996.

The credit for "The idea of AIPNA" goes to Dr Vijay Joshi and Dr Dayal. At the request of Dr Yogeshwar Dayal, Megha, formed the society, became its founder President and got it running. She was voted in to become the President again in 2005, and since she has assumed Presidentship, the society is thriving.

Megha has been active in Pathology communities in India and the USA. You can see her in action at USCAP meetings, distributing flyers, holding the general body meeting, and bringing people together for a great cause. The last 13 years have firmly established this non-profit organization, and it indeed has an impressive tract record.

Many Indian pathologists from India cannot attend international pathology meetings. AIPNA through its volunteer efforts is able to take international speakers to India. A very successful annual international CME has been conducted by AIPNA in India, for the last 14 years. Dr Sylvia Asa, Dr Rosai, Dr Butany, Dr Dayal, Dr. Vijay Joshi, Dr Unni Krishnan have been some of the prominent speakers at previous AIPNA CMEs. Through education, AIPNA wishes to transform pathology practice in India. Megha’s dedication to this cause is unwavering. She is able to motivate others in this cause and is very effective in bringing people together.

Recently, AIPNA at the request of the Indian College of Pathologists (ICP), has instituted QUIP, a quality improvement program in Surgical Pathology. AIPNA speakers have participated at many state and national pathology, hematology and cytology conferences in India. Dr Bakul Dalal, President elect, AIPNA is very active in the Indian Hematology society. Dr Sabnis, past president AIPNA is responsible for establishing the Indian Nephrology Society. Dr Vinod Shidham addressed the National Cytology conference last year. AIPNA members like Dr Selywn Baptist are instrumental in achieving CAP certification for Laboratories in India. Many AIPNA members have visiting professorships with different institutes in India.

AIPNA has had the fortune this last year to connect with one of the stalwarts of Pathology in India, Dr M.G Deo. Along with the Moving Institute of Biomedicine and Research it is launching an ambitious undergraduate teaching program of cutting edge molecular medicine.

AIPNA prides itself in connecting Pathologists who wish to give of themselves to situations of need in India. Improving rural medicine in India is the need of the hour. With its partnership with the Moving Institute in Pune, India, AIPNA wishes to fulfill this mission.